Testimonial Tuesday

"I look forward to each lesson. Rob is so knowledgable about the game and I learn a lot each time I have a lesson... Sorry I can't write anymore... I have to go and practice!"- Don Osborne

For years you have tried to fit yourself for the right putter. Now, it's our turn.

You are invited to a unique opportunity, Edel putter & wedge fitting by David Edel.
David is one of the foremost fitters and club designers in the country. He will be doing fittings by ...
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This Friday is your chance to gain distance for your game

Experience the XXIO Difference
This Friday, November 8th at 10:00am

Golfers can experience significant gains in ball speed and distance. Stop by and see how much distance YOU can ...
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Testimonial Tuesday

"Ben recently began the Junior Elite Program with the Rob Noel Golf Academy. He is so excited about being part of a program that has the reputation of improving both golf skills and confidence. The ... See more

Find consistent distance you can rely on. This Friday, from 1:00pm

Titleist Fitting Day
This Friday, November 1st from 1:00pm.
Join us so that our Professionals and the Titleist experts can find you more speed for your game.

45 minute fitting slots ...
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Operation 36 Tournament has been canceled

We are sorry to inform you, but the Operation 36 Tournament that was supposed to be played tomorrow has been canceled.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
It will be rescheduled for a later ...
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Titleist Fitting Experience

Friday, November 1st at 1:00 PM

The Rob Noel Golf Academy will be hosting a Titleist demo day, featuring their new line of irons and woods. We are scheduling 45 ...
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Add fuel to your junior's passion for golf

Fuel your golfer’s passion for the game and be a part of our comprehensive 12-week coaching program. We will guide your golfer through the fundamentals of swing technique, terminology, ... See more

Testimonial Tuesday

"Rob, this was a great session giving me the slight adjustments to correct a few bad habits! Back on track and feeling confident!" - Don MacMaster

Why should you get custom fit?

You are unique, so is your swing!

Schedule your golf club fitting at Rob Noel Golf Academy and receive a complimentary round of golf at beautiful Money Hill Golf and Country Club.* Rob Noel ...
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Congratulations to Carter Nicholson

Carter received the Men's Medalist honor at the Red Hawk Fall Invitational at Canebrake Golf Club.

Read the full newsletter here: See more

Testimonial Tuesday

"I have been consistently placing 2nd in tournaments. Now that I have a more stable and consistent swing I am able to hit shots under pressure and get my breakthrough win. Thank you, Rob!" - Josh ... See more

Ladies, it's time to start playing your best golf!

We have a new program at Rob Noel Golf Academy, which is suitable for all ladies at every level of the game.

Our Ladies Golf 8 Week Program serves as an excellent introduction for new ...
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Testimonial Tuesday

Annie created a powerpoint to show how much she loves golf! Click the link to see her creative powerpoint. Great job Annie!

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Getting along...

Our juniors are getting along in our Ignition classes at RNGA: http://bit.ly/2nTBjeF

Testimonial Tuesday

"Nic Drezins and the entire Rob Noel Golf Academy team are incredible. My 12-year-old son is receiving great golf instruction in regard to fundamentals, techniques, drills and most importantly he's ... See more

Testimonial Tuesday

"Nic Drezins and the entire Rob Noel Golf Academy team are incredible. My 12-year-old son is receiving great golf instruction in regard to fundamentals, techniques, drills and most importantly he's ... See more

Thanks to all who attended our unique educational opportunity

A special thanks to Paradigm Performance Group founder Michael Bentley and Michael Duhamel for their expertise.
I think it is safe to say: "We all learned a lot!"
Click here for the photos ...
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Testimonial Tuesday

Rob, thanks for yesterday. It was a good experience. I have a better understanding of where my game is, and what I need to get to that next level to be a senior level player on the local and regional ... See more

Experience the perfect putter for yourself

The revolutionary Torque Balanced technology from Edel Golf significantly reduces the negative effects of torque, promoting a smoother and more consistent motion and allowing the putter head a ... See more

Testimonial Tuesday

"It was a pleaser working with Rob today. Surgery took me away from golf for two years. When I started my lesson today, I was not able to get the ball off the ground. Rob had me hitting the ball ... See more

Take the time to improve Saturday and Sunday 21st and 22nd

Two-day training with Michael Bentley and Paradigm Performance Staff
Only a few spots left for this special opportunity.

On September 21st and 22nd, we will be hosting a unique ...
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Testimonial Tuesday

"Rob, I can't tell you enough about how impressed I was about every aspect of my evaluation. You and Mike made me feel at ease, and explained everything on a whole new level. I now can actually ... See more

Rob Noel could help you improve your game too!

"My son William enjoyed meeting Rob. Rob made the lesson fun. He also was able to allow William to understand 3 new concepts to improve his game. We are looking forward to building a great ... See more

Testimonial Tuesday

"My son William enjoyed meeting Rob. Rob made the lesson fun. He also was able to allow William to understand 3 new concepts to improve his game. We are looking forward to building a great ... See more

Remember what it was like to love golf...

They love golf! - But don't take our word for it...

"I love golf because ... I make friends"
"...Class is fun"
"...Coach teaches us so well"
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Testimonial Tuesday

Testimonials from our students who are in our Ignition Program. They love Coach Nic!

We are so proud of our RNGA Junior League All-Stars

The Rob Noel Golf Academy Junior League All-Stars participated in the Gulf States Regional this weekend at Country Club of Jackson. The team finished with a combined team score of +4. These All-Stars ... See more

Testimonial Tuesday

After years of “self-instruction “ through videos and reading materials, I decided to get professional instruction. I will be 50 years old next year and my goal is to play in some amateur ... See more

Rob Noel and his students take the prizes

Rob Noel was awarded, as co-recipient, the Dr. John and Helen Moore Distinguished Service Award from the Kelly Gibson Foundation.
Rob Noel Golf Academy students were well represented at the ...
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Testimonial Tuesday

"I have been going to the Elite Academy for a few months now and am really loving the program. They have helped with my swing, short game and putting. I recently had a playing lesson with Nic and ... See more

Get on board so you don't miss out

Our Junior Golf Fuel Program has started
FUEL is the first step in the RNGA Junior player pathway.
Click here for full details: See more

Testimonial Tuesday

"Words can’t explain what Rob has done for me in the last 2 months. I can’t wait to see where he takes me this time next year. Rob is absolutely the best thing that has happened to my golf game in 40 ... See more

Congrats to this week's bright stars from RNGA

Congratulations go to:
Sarah Meral for winning the David Toms Junior Championship.
Kayla Starr for winning the Kelly Gibson Tour Championship.
Tanner McKenzie for shooting a final ...
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Testimonial Tuesday

"Henry-Griffitts club fitting at Rob Noel Golf Academy with Michael Howes. Couldn’t be happier with my experience here and lessons with Rob Noel and Michael who have helped my swing tremendously as a ... See more

Testimonial Tuesday

"I started taking golf lessons from Nic Drezins, at the Rob Noel Golf Academy, at Money Hill to reestablish proper golf techniques. Since I began, Nic has been instrumental in my new way of thinking ... See more

The key to scoring is learning the secrets from 125 yards and in

Did you know that 2 out of every 3 shots occur from within 125 yards of the hole? The key to scoring is learning the secrets from 125 yards and in. Join Michael Howes, along with Cleveland Golf, for ... See more

Testimonial Tuesday

Congratulations to Kris Kerr on his recent win at the 2019 Mackel Nola Metro Tournament!

“Being fit for the new Srixon irons was a great success! Michael Howes made sure I had every ...
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Grab one of our last spots before it's too late!

Our last summer camp starts Tuesday, July 9th

Almost too much fun to be contained in four days...
This is your last chance to grab a spot: See more

Testimonial Tuesday

My 8-year-old daughter Allie picked up a golf club for the first time last year. We signed her up for lessons with Coach Nic in September and it was one of the best decisions we have made. Allie ... See more

Sunday Swings starts this Sunday for your juniors. Don't miss this chance!

Get into the swing of things

We are over the green excited about our new “Sunday Swings” program for juniors, which is set to launch this coming Sunday, June 30th from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm. ...
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Testimonial Tuesday

Managed to get away for a lesson with Rob. Sometimes you have to swallow some humble pie and get a lesson. He definitely had me pegged throughout the bag. He is my swing guru from here on out. - ... See more

Summer Camp was a smashing success. There's still one more to come

All fun and games on the greens

Yesterday was busy here at RNGA as we had a large group of students enjoying our summer camp. A big thank you to everyone who joined us. It was great getting ...
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Testimonial Tuesday

Matthew has his adult clubs now! Just in time for the LSU Golf Camp starting tomorrow!! Yay! Drove through some bad stuff to get here!! Big thank you to Michael Howes!! - Danny

Link up for the ultimate junior golf starter program

Get excited! Our new "Sunday Swings" program for juniors launches June 30th from 1:30-3:00 pm. For $175 per month, this comprehensive 12 week program covers all the fundamental skills, techniques, ... See more

Link up for the ultimate golf starter program

Please note that there is no Ignition and Junior Ignition class June 15th. Makeup days for Ignition and Junior Ignition will be June 23rd and June 30th from 12-2 pm.
Elite and Junior Elite will, ...
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Testimonial Tuesday

Absolutely incredible day. Both Micky and I had amazing golf, four hours with Rob. Making major headway with my game. My scores continue to get lower and lower the more time I spend with Rob. I will ... See more

It's time for the kids to do something fun

Why not change your kids "doing nothing" into something really great, this summer?

Sign them up for our summer camps: http://bit.ly/2JZLOGR

Testimonial Tuesday

"It had been 10 years since I visited The Rob Noel Golf Academy. My Henry-Griffitts Irons needed a complete overhaul. Michael Howes evaluated my clubs and now we are changing the length, the lie, and ... See more

May is nearly over and with it will be our special

A 1-hour Equipment Assessment and Swing Evaluation special ends THIS FRIDAY, May 31st: http://bit.ly/2JKJYcE

Testimonial Tuesday

Jeff doing a great job neutralizing his plane!

"That was the best feedback I’ve ever had on my swing. It’s all kinds of messed up and I was fitted for my old clubs with an incorrect ...
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Time is ticking for our great special

A 1-hour Equipment Assessment and Swing Evaluation
May 1st - May 31st
We will use the proper tools to maximize your game, from putter to driver.
Click here to read more: See more

Testimonial Tuesday

My experience today was a very positive one. Michael Howes focused on techniques that needed improving by providing easy to understand instructions as well as videos for me to see the before and ... See more

We are so sorry ladies

We put the wrong names with the photos, we are so sorry for the muddle up.
Congratulations again!

It isn't just about playing golf...

Friends! Outdoors! Fun!
When your kids learn to play the game of golf, they are not just learning to play golf.

They are building relationships.
They are outdoors instead of playing ...
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Testimonial Tuesday

Super Senior! Big fat 94! 43 on the back! You the man! - Jeanne Buffat

Wow, what a week for the RNGA students!

To Team Daniel; Logan Heltz; Ross Anderson and Brett Baker!
See all of their stories here and much more: See more

Testimonial Tuesday

Moving Callie to the Money Hill location has been incredible. Her entire perspective of the game has changed. She connected immediately with the other kids and is excited to attend every class. ... See more

This Saturday start sinking those putts

If you can't sink 'em - join 'em!
This Saturday from 3-5pm
$175 per person

Learn that putting is predictable and discover the most effective and reliable ways to determine the ...
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Testimonial Tuesday

"I enjoyed the time with Rob and very helpful. The information he provides assist me in being able to work out issues after I have left the lesson." - John

Want to see results? Then come into RNGA for an assessment

A 1-hour Equipment Assessment
and Swing Evaluation
April 23rd - May 23rd
We will be using the latest technology to give you the best results.
Book now: See more

Testimonial Tuesday

"No way not to improve. Mike is so professional and as good a coach as anyone could ask for. He does whatever he has to to get his message across, and to get the student to understand what needs to ... See more

This is the day to start making those putts

Be a winner join us for our Aimpoint Read and Speed Clinics TODAY!

Testimonial Tuesday

"Michael has not only provided me with an instructional program that has resulted in continued progress but also a clear understanding of the golf swing. If it weren't for his instruction and ... See more

Everybody wins with Aimpoint

Don't let putting be a mystery anymore, understand break, speed, and aim quickly and learn what it feels like to have complete confidence over any putt. Join us for one of our Aimpoint Read and ... See more

Getting coaching is essential for learning life skills

Why do we get our kids involved in coaching at RNGA?
They learn life skills.

From learning socializing with peers; to being able to speak in front of groups. Not to mention everything in ...
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Testimonial Tuesday

Coach Nic,
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you working with Samantha. You coach her with a supportive and positive demeanor. You went above and beyond the call for her when you ...
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FREE Educational Golf Seminar tomorrow

Join us for our FREE Educational Golf Seminar tomorrow Tuesday, April 9th at 6pm.

No secrets! Just honest information on how to play better and improve your game.

A great offer for a great club

Don't miss out on this great offer...

Don’t neglect your options – help us help you

We’d like you to give us 3 minutes of your time to complete a survey that will allow us to provide you with a better and more personal service. With your responses, we get a much better idea ... See more

Testimonial Tuesday

Sarah Meral says she's hitting the ball better and farther since she started the TPI program. She has dropped a club length.

Introducing our new Rob Noel Golf Academy staff member...

Our new Director of Club Fitting
We are happy to announce the arrival of our new Director of Club Fitting, Michael Howes. Michael began his golf journey in 1992 as a student of Rob Noel. In 2011 ...
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Testimonial Tuesday

Shot 71 Sunday. I have been striping it! 12 out of the last 15 rounds have been 74 or under. Thanks Coach Nic! - Tanner McKenzie

Wishing you all the best Craig!

I am really sad to announce that Craig Trahan is leaving the Rob Noel Golf Academy family. Craig and I have had a relationship since he was 8 years old.... See more

Testimonial Tuesday

I really had a great overall experience. I have had a few lessons in the past from other teachers but I left most of those more confused than before I arrived. I really appreciate you taking the time ... See more

Aimpoint Green Reading Clinics

Don't miss out on our upcoming Aimpoint clinics at Money Hill!

March 20th
Aimpoint Express Green Reading
4-6 pm
Cost: $175

March 30th
Aimpoint Read and Speed
1-3 ...
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Rob Noel does it again! Top 100 Teachers in America

Since its inception in 1991, GOLF’s Top 100 Teachers in America franchise has established itself as the industry standard for recognizing excellence in coaching. They hold themselves to a rigorous ... See more

Testimonial Tuesday

I have enjoyed learning the different aspects that we have reviewed. From the correct stance, to the proper grip, and how the club face should stay aligned during the swing has given me a new ...
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Juniors join us this Saturday for our Operation 36 Tournament

Juniors join us for this fun event!
This Saturday, March 9th at 3:30 pm
$20 for cart rental.
Please let Coach Nic know if you are participating.
There will be no Junior Ignition nor ...
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Testimonial Tuesday

Our transition to Coach Nic was easy. Nic has made Braxton feel like he's worked with him for years. Nic's instructions and fundamentals have Braxton becoming a more disciplined and focused golfer. ... See more

Testimonial Tuesday

Our transition to Coach Nic was easy. Nic has made Braxton feel like he's worked with him for years. Nic's instructions and fundamentals have Braxton becoming a more disciplined and focused golfer. ... See more

Don't let putting be a mystery anymore

Understand break, speed, and aim quickly and learn what it feels like to have complete confidence over any putt.
Join us at RNGA Money Hill Location for our AimPoint Clinics
March ...
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Testimonial Tuesday

It was very stimulating to be introduced to the concepts covered in our recent session. - Don McBurney

Congrats to Logan for winning his division in the USSSA event

We are so proud of Logan Heltz - well played!
Click here for all our other great news: http://bit.ly/2IrUEND

Testimonial Tuesday

Coach Nic has been an important part of our son's life for the past seven years. He has coached our son, J.P. since he first started golf in fifth grade. From the Academy to private lessons, Coach ... See more

What are your kids doing this summer?

Don't wait until the end of the school year to start your plans for the summer.
The junior camps at Rob Noel Golf Academy book up long before then - so start getting these scheduled now: See more

Testimonial Tuesday

I just received the set of Henry Griffitts clubs and took them out to the range immediately. WOW! What a difference in the feel and weight of the clubs. While I only hit these clubs on the range, I ... See more

Ask your juniors what they learned at RNGA this week

Our Junior Ignition class learned all about how to help each other with their alignment and why it is so important for your game.
Find out more in our newsletter this week: See more

Testimonial Tuesday

Coach Nic and the Junior Ignition program has been a great investment for my 6-year-old son. I couldn't be more pleased with his progression over the past few months. Keith never swung a club other ... See more

Congratulations to Jacob, Quinn and Liza

Jacob Bergeron put the hammer down today to earn a PGA Tour Latin America Tour card.

Congratulations to our RNGA students Quinn Garcia, for placing 2nd in the Boys 14-15. Also to Liza ...
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Testimonial Tuesday

Craig was very helpful. Got some good advice on driving and chipping. - Lloyd

Congratulations Shelby Walls, Loyola is lucky to have you!

This is fantastic news, Shelby, we are so proud of you, and look forward to seeing all your success in the future!

Testimonial Tuesday

Not to hit ya up after hours but just wanted to say the left to right timing drill is bad ***. The impact bag is great too. Thanks. - Joey Giglio

Saying goodbye is never easy

We regret to inform everyone that Ben LaVergne, our long-time club fitter will be leaving January 20th. We want to thank Ben for his 8 years of excellence serving the students at the Rob Noel Golf ... See more

Testimonial Tuesday

Shot 64 today...the grip change with kettlebell work has revolutionized my ball striking, didn't miss a shot. - Hunter Hammett

Congratulations to RNGA students Abbey and Nicholas

Rob Noel Golf Academy students Abbey Daniel and Nicholas Arcement both won their divisions in the Tommy Moore Invitational associated with Kelly Gibson and the Allstate Sugar Bowl. Well ... See more

Testimonial Tuesday

Your professionalism and knowledge was really appreciated during our fitting and certainly helped getting this situation resolved. Thanks again - Ron

Time is running out to get those special people some extra-special gifts

Your last chance before Christmas - Rob is offering two private lessons and an on-course playing lesson for only $475. This totals to $125 in savings! The best part? It is completely customizable. ... See more

Testimonial Tuesday

How? Why? The answers were presented to me today to put me on sure footing. Enjoyed it. - Wes F.

Testimonial Tuesday

Once again I presented Rob with a real challenge and he rose to the occasion. His passion combined with his knowledge and experience are a rare combination. Even after my studying the game for ...
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Wanting the ideal gift for a golfer? Look no further

When you have a list, and you really don't know where to start - look no further.

Rob Noel Golf Academy offers gift certificates which can be used at the academy for all programs. Even ...
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Testimonial Tuesday

A terrific learning experience , can hardly wait until next week to continue in a positive direction. Each of the 3 steps of my evaluation were on time and concise . I like the idea of take home ... See more

It's not over just yet...

Discounts, discounts, discounts
10% off all programs at either Money Hill or Cypress Lakes locations.

Limited space for this one, don't delay!
Nic Drezins is also running an extended ...
See more

Just when you thought it was over

Juniors will receive one month free with any RNGA program purchased at either Money Hill or Cypress Lakes locations. New students ONLY.
But wait, there's more!
From now until Christmas ...
See more

Testimonial Tuesday

I haven’t been able to play much with work and seems like every weekend I have weddings. Although when I have gotten to play my game has been very solid. I feel more confident now that Rob ...
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No lines. No frustration. Just happy golfers!

For all our Black Friday Specials click here: http://bit.ly/2DQGKBo

Testimonial Tuesday

Your analysis was quick and to the point. I have tried to use what you taught me over the last week and have noticed a huge difference in contacting the ball. I know it’ll take time, but I’ve noticed ... See more

Let tomorrow be the first day to you making every putt!

Our AimPoint Clinic happens tomorrow at 4 pm at Cypress Lakes.
Struggle with putting? Then you are not going to want to miss this: See more

Testimonial Tuesday

Since I have been working with Cissi, I have developed a larger shoulder turn which allows me to stay on plane. This has helped me trust my swing. Working on my balance has helped me rotate and ... See more

Putting better has never been easier

We are offering our one-hour Express Level 1 session at Cypress Lakes
Thursday, November 15th at 4 pm

Get the details here and book now: See more

Testimonial Tuesday

My son and I got fit for clubs with Ben at Rob Noel Golf Academy. My son did irons and woods and I did woods. The experience was just as memorable and successful as the one I did with Ben years ago. ... See more

The secret to being an expert green reader, revealed

The perfect balance between simplicity and accuracy! That is AimPoint Express Putting.
Join us Thursday, November 15th: http://bit.ly/2SxUsxb

Testimonial Tuesday

Lesson was good. Craig was very informative. Also gave me some good drills to improve my driving. - Lloyd

Learn what it feels like to have complete confidence over any putt/Tomorrow, October 27th

Rob Noel and the Aimpoint putting solution will give you the ability to make more putts every time you play. A few spots are still available. Call (985) 809-0060 to schedule your ... See more

Change your scorecard by putting better | This Saturday, October 27th

This Saturday we have another opportunity for you to learn the secret to putting better. If you get your putting sorted out - think how much fun you will have playing the rest of your game?
Click ...
See more

Testimonial Tuesday

Ben Lavergne is the best club fitter in the country! Hands down! If you are playing with clubs not fitted by Ben, you are giving up shots! Get with Ben, make it happen! Geaux Low! - Tommy

New Membership. Great amenities!

Consider what you gain: http://bit.ly/2PJpdO3

Thanks to our parents - without you our juniors wouldn't be here!

A big congratulations to the parents of the children at Money Hill.
You don’t always get credit for introducing your kids to golf.
Thank you all for supporting your kids in this great ...
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Testimonial Tuesday

Our granddaughter Madison has been taking group lessons with Coach Nic. She loves it! We are thrilled she is not only learning skills but Coach’s emphasis on golf etiquette as well. She is thrilled ... See more

When opportunities pay off...

Click here to read about this opportunity: http://bit.ly/2RLvhXG

Hole more putts this Saturday!

AimPoint clinics are back and they start this Saturday.

Sharpen your green reading skills. Hole more putts. Feel more confident!
Understand break, speed, and aim quickly and learn what ...
See more

Testimonial Tuesday

As students at Rob Noel’s Golf Academy, both of my children (ages 7 and 10) have not only grown in their golfing ability in a few short years, but I have seen an improvement in their confidence as ... See more

Make putts. Lower scores. Have more fun!

Book your spot for this Saturday's Aimpoint Green Reading clinic at Money Hill!!
Click on link below to book now!

See more

Membership at Money Hill and lessons at RNGA. Not a bad deal!

Anyone who visits with Money Hill GM Stephen Christopher to take a tour and discuss becoming a member, during this special promotion, will receive 25% off their first lesson at the Rob Noel Golf ... See more

Feel. Aim. Sink it...

AimPoint Clinics take place October 13th form 11-1 and October 27th from 1-3. Sign up now!

Congratulations to Brandon Aydlett of Metairie, for being named Player of the Year by the Louisiana ...
See more

Testimonial Tuesday

Went through a full driver fitting with Ben, and was able to lower my spin from 2900 to 2300 with the New Ping G400 LST 8.5 degree driver. Was fit with the Motore Speeder shaft that gave me ... See more

Just because it's fall doesn't mean you get to put your clubs away!

AimPoint clinics are back.

The weather will be getting cooler, so this is the perfect time to sharpen your green reading skills. Understand break, speed, and aim quickly and learn what it ...
See more

Don't forget to let us know...

...We love to hear about your successes, so please don't forget to let us know: http://bit.ly/2IggMXA

"Rob just wanted to take a minute to ...
See more

Ladies are you lacking the confidence to play with your friends? Then be here tomorrow

Whether you are an entry-level student, a recreational player, an executive or a Mom wanting to play golf with her kids, we have the perfect class for you. This class will give you the confidence and ... See more

Testimonial Tuesday

You blew my mind today Mr. Noel…but in a good way! Went and hit a few balls when I got home, with pretty good success. Thanks! - Shannon Marks

Fall is a great time for everybody to improve!

RNGA is not all about the juniors...
...we offer a variety of adult coaching programs at both our Money Hill and Cypress Lakes locations.

Have a look at the exciting programs we have ...
See more

Testimonial Tuesday

Thanks for the lesson today. As usual, you were able to pick out another piece of my swing that needs attention before I can say I’ve got it right. Now I just need to put in the time practicing it so ... See more

New Ladies Golf Class at Cypress Lakes

We are proud to announce the creation of our Ladies Golf Class. Whether you are an entry level student, a recreational player, an executive or a mom wanting to play golf with her kids, we have ...
See more

Calling all golfers who want to lower their scores immediately!!

The Short Game Sick Bay is for golfers of all ages and skill levels. This two week course will cover putting, green reading, chipping, shot fundamentals, specialty shots, pitching basics and so much ... See more

We always have great junior programs starting - check it out!

The Elite Champions Program has been designed for those committed golfers who would like to play at the national or collegiate level. This is a highly competitive program and admission is ... See more

Testimonial Tuesday

Unfortunately, my son only got to work qith Craig for a couple of years before leaving for college but what he took away from Craig was so much more than golf techniques. Craig was his coach, his ... See more

Learning in the rain

Always something to learn. Our Ignition group working on vision boards on a rainy Saturday morning.

New programs. New improvement opportunities.

The Junior Elite Program has been specifically designed for those juniors ages 8-15, who have chosen golf as their primary sport and have aspirations of playing at the high school or possibly ... See more

Testimonial Tuesday

"The lesson was extremely helpful and I'm looking forward to putting what I learned to good use. I'm looking forward to returning to tweak (or totally revamp) other areas of my game." - Bob Clark

RNGA student Yujeong Son wins Stage 1 of LPGA Qualifying

Congratulations to Rob Noel Golf Academy student Yujeong Son for winning Stage 1 of the LPGA Qualifying School in Palm Springs, California. We are so proud of you! Good luck the rest of the way! ... See more

The weather will be getting cooler and there is no better time to get your kids involved!

We have excellent Junior Programs at Rob Noel Golf Academy at both locations.
Click here to get all the details and to sign up: See more

Testimonial Tuesday!

"Craig is always engaged and great to work with.
I have had several sessions with Craig and intend on continuing to work with him.
Would recommend Craig to anyone looking to improve their ...
See more

Just because school's started doesn't mean golf stops!

Check out our Junior Programs at Money Hill and Cypress Lakes
to get your kid signed up to learn the game of a lifetime.
For all the details click here: See more

Congratulations Davis Riley

We would like to give a big congratulations to Davis Riley! He is the runner-up in the Western Amateur Championship. Good luck with the US Amateur at Pebble Beach - we will be rooting for ... See more

Rob Noel Golf Academy can help the whole family!!

"I have been taking lessons with Rob for almost a year now. It has been the best investment for my game. The whole Rob Noel Academy has been great. My son has been in the operation 36 program with ... See more

Congratulations to our students on their great results at the Kelly Gibson Tournament

We had some great scores. A lot of winners, and many who beat their personal best scores.
We are just so proud of all of you and all the hard work you have put in...

Enjoy the full ...
See more

Kids improving physically and mentally!

"My Sons have been going to Nic for a while now and I am not only impressed with his ability to to teach them how to swing the club, chip and putt, but the effort he puts in to teach the mental ... See more

Never too late to improve!!!

“I can't say enough good things about Rob Noel!
I'm 71 years old..,,been playing golf over 50 years.
After two lessons with Rob I'm hitting the ball straighter (with a little draw) and ...
See more

Great progress for Ryan!

"I have taken 4 lesson with Maurice Prinsloo and he has been Awesome to work with.
While old habits have shown to be very hard to break, Maurice actually has me hitting draws, a shot I never ...
See more

Kelly Gibson Foundation Junior Golf Summer Camps!!

Kelly Gibson Foundation Junior Golf Summer Camp!!

ELIGIBILITY: The Kelly Gibson Foundation would like to invite you to its 2018 Junior Golf
Camp. The camp is open to both boys & girls ...
See more

Rob Noel Golf Academy Tech Center is relocating!!

Dear patrons and students

It is with great pleasure that that we write to inform you that Rob Noel Golf Academy Tech Center will be relocating to Cypress Lake Golf and Country Club at Ormond ...
See more

Summer Golf Camps is HERE!!!

Parents, this is an awesome camp for your kids to attend this summer! This is a great way to introduce them to golf and have so much fun! Lots of activities, games and learning! You don't want them ... See more

Multi - Vendor Demo Day @ Money Hill on May 18th!

Don't miss out on this!

Happy students = Proud coaches!!

We love our coaches at Rob Noel Golf Academy!
Remember to send us your success stories and experiences.

Bill Boltz Henry Griffitts National Sales Manager At Tech Center

Bill Boltz Henry Griffitts National Sales Manager and HG Instructor will be at the Tech Center on May 2nd and 3rd !!!
Bill and Craig Trahan will be hosting club evaluations and Henry Griffitts ...
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PGA Junior League Registration ENDS April 23rd!

Junior League 2018 Schedule
Good Day Everyone
This is just a reminder that the PGA Jr League registrations will end on April 23rd and the practices will begin on Wednesday April 25th from 5:30-7pm.

Click below to ...
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Aimpoint Green Reading TOMORROW at Money Hill!!

Last chance to book your spot for tomorrow's Aim Point Green Reading clinic at Money Hill!!
Click on link below to book now!
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Getting fitted is the way to go!

“I was fitted for the Callaway Epic in early 2017, just after it launched, and it beat out the M1 I was playing.
When Ben fitted me for the KZG VC-460, it beat the Epic by 8 yards of carry, and ...
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15 years of instruction!!!

"Thanks Rob
Could not have been a more productive hour. Every session is better than the last.
Blast golf and new putting exercises, setup and balance
Great images on the leg movement ...
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Price Increase @ Rob Noel Golf Academy

We would like to inform everyone that we are having a small price increase effective Feb 1st. This increase will impact private lessons and training programs (excluding Junior Academy). In order ... See more

Christmas for everyone @ Rob Noel Golf Academy!

Christmas is around the corner!!! If you still haven't found something for that special someone - give them the gift of golf with one of our great Christmas specials!

GIFT CARDS now ...
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Black Friday Deals @ Rob Noel Golf Academy

Black Friday has come early this year: so before you join the holiday shoppers and fight the crowds in the local mall, to find the right gift for that special person or to find a gift for yourself - ... See more

How to Practice with eGolfplan!!!

eGolfplan has really helped my daughter Allie focus on HOW TO PRACTICE.  The various drills have positively impacted several parts of her game (greens in regulation and putting percentage inside 15’ ... See more

John is ready to improve his game, are you?

“I had a very good experience on my first visit. I was very impressed by the thorough evaluation of my clubs and my “body” before the lesson, At my age I much appreciated the comments about ... See more

First hole in one for Griffin!!!

Griffin Dorr
“Here’s to you Maurice!! First hole in one. 113yds with a 50degree. Spun it back in. Shot 34 in his match against Jesuit. Low round in the match. Thanks for all of your help! Looking forward to ... See more

Happy golfer!!

“Over the last three years I have reduced my handicap by over three strokes and I can DEFINITELY say it’s because of the Rob Noel Golf Academy. I started with lessons from Rob, and then this year I ... See more

Practice more efficiently with EGolfplan!!

"For over 10 years, I have spent countless hours with experts in the fields of motor learning, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience. I can honestly say that I've never come across another man like ... See more

Good golf swing = Happy golfer!!

Rob,Thanks for helping me get my golf swing going in the right direction. I finally feel like I know why I'm doing what I do in the swing. Looking forward to more learning when I get back next month. ... See more

Testimonial Tuesday

"My son and I have tried multiple places for golf lessons and your academy was by far the best one yet! My son Hank is 7 and loves golf, I unfortunately am terrible at golf, so I have been trying to ... See more

Testimonial Tuesday!

Glynn Breaux & Maurice Prinsloo
"Maurice has to be one of the most talented instructors around. He is very easy to comprehend and has such a wonderful positive attitude.
I am so blessed to have Maurice share his knowledge and ...
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Ladies Clinics

Ladies, last day to sign up for the Ladies Clinics- we only have a couple spots left!
You don't want to miss this!

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Testimonial Tuesday!!

"Gareth has been a Student at RGNA for nearly 4 years now. The coaches are truly professional and wholly committed to teaching kids the game. They give thorough instruction in the fundamentals of ... See more

Best Round Yet - Testimonial Tuesday

"Rob, Just wanted to take a minute to let you know how everything was going with the new grip change and swing. Since my lesson, I have figured out the grip and everything seems more comfortable ... See more

September Golf Talk with Rob Noel

Don't forget to book your seat for our LAST Golf Talk with Rob Noel and Craig Trahan on Wedensday September 13th form 6-7pm!
The topic we will be discussing is: LOADING YOUR SWING FOR MORE ...
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Getting fitted is the way to go!! Testimonial Tuesday...

"Thank you to Ben Lavergne for fitting me with an Edel putter. My first competition round with the new putter was an AJGA qualifier and I qualified into the tournament, finishing with a top 20 ... See more

Bright future for Mason @ Rob Noel Golf Academy!

Mason Gendusa
"It's been 2 years that my son Mason Gendusa has been with the academy. I can't express how much he has learned, in the sport, proper etiquette and sportsmanship. Your staff has brought him a long ... See more

Testimonial Tuesday

Steele Siverd
Steele has been taking golf lessons at the Academy for about 4 years and has truly developed a love for the game! Coach Nic and his staff really know how to keep the FUN in Fundamentals! As parents, ... See more

Testimonial Tuesday

Kayla Starr
"My daughter didn't start playing golf until a year ago when she was 14. I started her at RNGA with Maurice at the start, and in 12 short months she has shaved 20 plus strokes off her scores and ... See more

Testimonial Tuesday!

Jeff Oescher
Hi Golfers - Welcome to Testimonial Tuesday at Rob Noel Golf Academy! Each week we will post a testimonial/success story from one of our students. We hope that this will inspire and encourage your ... See more

Golf Talk with Rob Noel #3

"SETTING UP FOR SUCCESS" - Don't forget to book your spot for our 3rd Golf Talk with Rob Noel on Wednesday, July 12th from 6-7pm! Limited spots available!

Location: Rob Noel Golf Academy ...
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Golf Talk with Rob Noel @ RNGA Tech Center

Last day to book your seat to our 2nd Golf Talk with Rob Noel at the RNGA Tech Center.
The topic is "Making solid contact" - You do not want to miss this!
For only $25!! Bring your foursomes, ...
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Summer Camp @ Money Hill

Sign up your kids now for this awesome, fun summer camp at RNGA Money Hill.
Snacks and water will be provided.

For more information, contact Maurice Prinsloo 985.773.0603 or email ...
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HG Fitting Days starting TODAY

FREE HG Fitting Days

Everybody wants to know what the tricks are to playing better golf!
No tricks - just a process - a GOOD process.
Come and discover "The Process for Better Golf" ...
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Fight the slice, shoot lower, enjoy your golf

Due to the weather this week we had to postpone our evening talk with Rob… NEW DATE is Thursday, May 11th at the RNGA Tech Center from 6pm – 7pm

Find out WHY you slice and get the problem ...
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Henry Griffitts Fitting Days are here!

Coming Next Week
FREE HG Fitting Days

Everybody wants to know what the tricks are to playing better golf!
No tricks - just a process - a GOOD process.
Come and discover "The ...
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Never slice again!

We don't want you to miss out on this great opportunity: Join Rob on May 3rd at the ROB NOEL TECH CENTER, from 6pm-7pm
Find out WHY you slice and get the problem fixed with Rob Noel all for ...
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Never slice again!

Join Rob on May 3rd at the Rob Noel Tech Center, from 6pm-7pm
Find out WHY you slice and get the problem fixed with Rob Noel all for $25

Reserve one of the limited seats here: See more

Junior Golf Excellence - NEW Groups starting MARCH 2017

New Groups starts MARCH 2017!
Now that all the festivities are almost over we are going to start NEW JGE groups in MARCH!
This is a great program for any child - from a child that wants to start to ...
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JGE - Last week to sign up your little champion!

Don't miss out to sign up your little champion for this excellent program starting this weekend!

NEW STARTING DATES for the JGE program:
Saturday -January 28th
Sunday - January ...
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Junior Golf Excellence NEW starting Dates

Hello Little Champions....

NEW STARTING DATES for the JGE program:
Saturday -January 28th
Sunday - January 29th

To sign up : Call Maurice Prinsloo 985.773.0603 or email ...
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America’s Top 100 Teachers in America for 2017-2018

I am extremely honored and proud to be selected to this elite list of top teachers for the second time! It is truly an amazing feeling! Constant learning and hard work is definitely the key to ... See more

Have a BLAST for Christmas

Still don't have a gift for the golfer in your life?
Give your loved one the tool that the best players in the world trust to improve their game!
Every Golfer struggles with 3-putts because ...
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Black Friday EXTENSION - only 2 more days left!!

Black Friday EXTENSION @ Rob Noel Golf Academy!!
We extended Cyber Monday into the ENTIRE WEEK!!! ONLY 2 DAYS left to sign up!!

Limited spots available for this amazing Black Friday ...
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Last week for Black Friday Deal @ Rob Noel Golf Academy!!!

Black Friday Madness at Rob Noel Academy!!!!
Last week to sign up for this amazing Black Friday Performance Program - only a couple spots left!!
Don't miss out on these great savings! ...
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Black Friday Performance Program at Rob Noel Golf Academy!

Don't miss out!!
Black Friday has come early this year: so before you join the holiday shoppers and fight the crowds in the local mall- look no further - Rob Noel Golf Academy is offering their Black Friday ... See more