Rob Noel | A journey through golf

Living through the golf experiences of his students, Rob Noel sacrificed his own love for playing the game in order to better teach others, and preserve golf for the next generation. So if you're looking for one of the top golf coaching facilities in New Orleans or Louisiana, then you have found the perfect place.

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We see many golfers who try to get some extended play with old worn out grips. Sometimes grip wear is hard to detect because it can be so gradual. The fact is, once the grips have worn out, more grip pressure is required to keep the club from slipping in your hands. This added grip pressure is costing you precious strokes...

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Testimonial Tuesday

Managed to get away for a lesson with Rob. Sometimes you have to swallow some humble pie and get a lesson. He definitely had me pegged throughout the bag. He is my swing guru from here on out. - ... See more

Summer Camp was a smashing success. There's still one more to come

All fun and games on the greens

Yesterday was busy here at RNGA as we had a large group of students enjoying our summer camp. A big thank you to everyone who joined us. It was great getting ...
See more

Testimonial Tuesday

Matthew has his adult clubs now! Just in time for the LSU Golf Camp starting tomorrow!! Yay! Drove through some bad stuff to get here!! Big thank you to Michael Howes!! - Danny

Link up for the ultimate junior golf starter program

Get excited! Our new "Sunday Swings" program for juniors launches June 30th from 1:30-3:00 pm. For $175 per month, this comprehensive 12 week program covers all the fundamental skills, techniques, ... See more

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