Never slice again

NEW DATE is Thursday, May 11th at the RNGA Tech Center from 6pm – 7pm

It's a win-win situation!

For $25, I'm going to fix your slice and you'll never miss it right again...

On top of that, I am going to give you the $25 straight back to invest in your own game improvement.

It's simple, join us May 11th at the Rob Noel Tech Center from 6pm-7pm.

We will have a special interactive discussion about concepts and strategies of golf, your swing and ways to improve in order to score better and have more fun!

From "Find Out Why You Slice" to "Make More Putts", Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Rob Noel sits down with you and talks golf, answering your questions, drawing on his vast experience of real world scenarios, swings and solutions!

Become your own champion and discover more about your game with Rob Noel.

Ready to become a champion? Contact Rob here.

Never Slice Again with Rob on May 11 - "Find Out Why You Slice"!

Join Rob on May 3 at the Rob Noel Tech Center from 6pm-7pm and learn about not only why slices happen, but what you can do to find more fairways,
hit the ball longer off the tee and give yourself more opportunities for birdies and pars, farther down the fairway!

Space is limited for this special event and is $25 / golfer.