What AimPoint Students are saying about RNGA and AimPoint Express

"Reading greens has been so much better since I took the class"

"Hey Rob,
All I can say is that reading the greens has been so much better since I took the class. I was terrible at reading greens. Now I go strictly on the feel of my feet with my eyes closed.  My reads are very good now, so I just need to fix my stroke! I am doing much better on my putts from 10-20 feet, a lot better! Making a decent amount of them now!
I had 4 birdies at Grand Bear the other day, but missed 4 putts of about 4 feet—three pulls due to shutting the face, then an overcorrection push right on the last one! My 77 should have been a 73.  Thanks!"
- Tommy

Jason Dufner has something to trust now!

Jason Dufner said after an AimPoint Express training session with Rob Noel that "I have something to believe in on the greens"! 

I had the pleasure of introducing Major Champion Jason Dufner to Aimpoint Express and that's what he had to say when we finished our training. 

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