Black Friday at Rob Noel Golf Academy

"The lesson was very valuable and Rob quickly identified a couple of Major flaws that prevented me from striking the golf ball in the “sweet spot”. My set-up was not balanced and club path was over the top. Rob showed me a couple of drills to practice that would allow the club path to come from the inside vs. over the top. I have been practicing the drills daily and they are working."

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Black Friday Performance Program

Black Friday has come early this year: so before you join the holiday shoppers and fight the crowds in the local mall, to find the right gift for that special person or to find a gift for yourself - look no further - Rob Noel Golf Academy is offering their Black Friday Performance Program at both of their locations

Reserve one of the exclusive spots here!

Limited to the first 10 students per location. 
Offer expires December 2nd, so make sure to activate your Black Friday Performance Program today. Details below, you won't believe the value in this exclusive offer, just for you.

There's no better time for you to take advantage of our Black Friday Performance Program - for savings starting at $700 on this Black Friday offer


For a savings of over $800 on regular lesson packages:

Rob Noel
Money Hill Location

$1399 for 16 lessons

For a savings of over $900 on regular lesson packages:

Maurice Prinsloo
Money Hill Location

$999 for 16 lessons

For a savings of over $700 on regular lesson packages:

Craig Trahan
Tech Center Location

$1199 for 16 lessons

Program Notes

*Black Friday Performance Program includes:

- Up to 2 hours of coaching per week

- Swing Catalyst weight and pressure analysis

- Access to all of our RNGA technology like TrackMan, SAM Putt Lab (BEGA only) and high speed video analysis

- Equipment and swing evaluation with our award winning coaching staff

- AimPoint Green Reading

Schedule here

*Black Friday Performance Program is during the winter

months December and January

Coaching sessions must be completed by January 31st 

Offer expires December 2nd!!!

Limited to 10 students per instructor and up to 2 hours of coaching per week at each RNGA facility